Eric has the unique skill to capture the audience’s attention in the first few moments of his presentation and holds that attention for the duration of the event. This is integral to making certain that the core message really hits home for the audience. There will be no point in the presentation wherein the audience is distracted, bored or lacking in enthusiasm. Eric is always absolutely certain that participants feel that he is speaking directly to them…in their language…addressing their issues…and offering nearly customized solutions to their individual concern. Some participants quickly feel as though Eric is speaking only to them and that the balance of the audience somehow fades away in what feels like an inspiring one-on-one session designed just for them. By doing this, individuals will leave Eric Bailey’s presentations feeling as though he spoke specifically to them and will take all of his key messages to heart.

corporate02Most people walk away from a motivational session feeling inspired and ready to tackle the world. Sadly, for some folks that motivated feeling lasts only a day or so. When the motivation and enthusiasm wanes, this means that no legitimate and long lasting change will actually occur. Feeling great for a short period of time is nice, but real life change is invaluable. This is the true skill set of Eric Bailey: Long lasting results along with a motivated feeling that will truly endure. When you marry motivation with real life tools, you have the perfect formula for a life changing event. Even for those participants that feel that their future is bleak, that they have exhausted every opportunity or that they are on the brink of emotional collapse, these sessions will prove to be nothing short of a life-saver. corporate01

Eric Bailey has affected change in the minds and hearts of over 2 million people around the world. His successful careers in professional athletics, sales, executive management have provided him with extensive knowledge and wisdom to help others transform their lives! As a professional speaker, his adaptability, compassion and understanding of the human spirit has helped him rise to the top and connect with audiences of all ages & backgrounds, making him one of the world’s most dynamic speakers. Eric holds the Certified Speaking professional (CSP) designation representing one of the highest achievements possible for a speaking professional.

  • Our company conference would not have had the buzz and excitement without Eric Bailey as our keynote speaker. Eric shares his life experiences in a way that brings honesty and touches everyone in the room. He took the time to learn who we were and weaved this knowledge throughout the presentation so that everyone there understood how to take his philosophies and ingrain them into our business lives. Thank you to Eric for the opportunity and the inspiration he has left with us all.

    Nick Gardner- Managing Director - Advanta Seeds Pty Ltd
  • Eric’s energy, passion and story is awe-inspiring! As a fellow professional speaker, Eric is a guy who can make an impact with an audience through his electrifying, authentic and powerful presentation. He knows exactly how to combine substance, style and entertainment – keeping the audience fully engaged. After hearing Eric, I had a new sense of urgency to take immediate action to reach my life goals!

    Mitzi Dulan, RD, CSSD Media Spokesperson, Author, Speaker USA
Eric is the world’s No. 1 Activational Speaker and has been inspiring audiences for more than 20 years. Whether your need is business, leadership, sales, overcoming adversity or personal growth and development, Eric has a strategy and presentation for you and your clients or team. He is available for Keynote Speaking, Corporate Event Workshops and being an MC at your event. Contact us here for a customized package for your next event or conference.

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The power you have in your mind will always be greater than that of your hands and feet!

-- Eric Bailey --