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The big picture on anti-oxidants

The main preventative factor in fighting off cancer rapid aging and other forms of diseases are elements called anti-oxidants. We are now fortunate that medical research has made progress in understanding the role of anti-oxidants and what they can do for our bodies. This in turn has made us more aware of the negative impact…

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Diet alone is not enough

Diet alone is not enough in aiding the production of the anti-oxidants needed to fight off free radicals in the body. If you dont generate enough anti-oxidants you are making your body vulnerable to oxidative stress brought about by these free radicals. Ignoring oxidative stress means ignoring the damaging cells which have been linked to…

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Q&A: Eat to Live!!!!

Do you wake up sluggish? Is your skin aging fast or do you experience breakouts? Do you find that you have mood swings that bring you from happy one day and put you in tears the next day? Is your weight up & down (like a yo-yo) from one week to the next? Do you…

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