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How to Avoid Complacency Made Easy

  Remember the time when you felt that fire in your belly on your way to achieving a goal? That goal could have been anything from career advancement to project execution to a sports championship. You would spend each day with the same level of excitement, commitment, and motivation. As with every major goal, the…

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Why Do You Need More Than Motivation For Your Next Conference?

  Motivation Plus Activation Guarantees Long Lasting Results………. Attending frequent conferences organized by one’s own company or initiated by some other organization is an inevitable part of every professional’s schedule; and in order to outshine your colleagues in one such occasion, relying simply on motivation would not steer the results in your favor. Conferences have…

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5 Reasons Personal Development is Essential

Grow Your Mind With Learning! There has been a lot of talk about personal development in recent years and for good reason.  The world is changing faster and faster every day. Right now there is a real trend in which people seem to be moving away from traditional jobs and moving into self-employment.  Twenty years…

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Goal Setting for 2017: The Problem With S.M.A.R.T. Goals

Do you set your goals using the S.M.A.R.T. strategy? If you’ve ever tried it, then you might have also experienced falling short of the S.M.A.R.T. goals you set – either you lost steam, got sidetracked, or lost interest. If so, don’t worry about it – it happens to LOTS of goal-setters. But why does such…

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Understanding Your Purpose

Do You Know What Your Life’s Purpose Is? That’s one of the most common questions I get whenever I speak at schools and corporate organizations. And while I can’t answer that question, I can share a foolproof formula to find out what your purpose is – or at least get a much better idea of…

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My New Book is Here — Get Your Signed Copy Now!

Struggling? Tired? Frustrated? Let Coach Eric Bailey Take You From a Life of Abandonment to a Life of Abundance With His Transformative New Book Australian author and activational coach Eric Bailey has finished his life-changing new book, ‘Bring Your A Game’, and will be personally signing the first 100 copies.   Eric Bailey is a…

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DON’T FOUL OUT: How to Remove “I Am A Loser” From Your Vocabulary

Have you ever found yourself thinking: “I am a loser?” If so, then I wrote this article for you. Let me ask you a question: What’s the opposite of success? If you answered “failure,” then sorry – you’re wrong! Failure might be the LITERAL opposite of success, but in the real world, things are very…

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Feeling Like a Failure?
Then Change the Channel

Are you feeling like a failure in life? Here’s the more important question:Are you surrounding yourself with failure without even knowing it? Let me tell you something about the Australian mountain ash tree. They’re the second-tallest trees in the world, almost as tall as the redwoods in California. But believe it or not, these enormous…

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Monday Morning Activation Season 1 Episode 3: CHANGE THE CHANNEL

Check out Monday Morning Activation Season 1 Episode 3 here. Want to stop feeling like a failure? Here’s how!  

GRATITUDE: How to Solve a Problem By Making it Irrelevant

Want to know how to solve a problem – ANY problem – quickly and easily? Last week, we talked about going ALL-IN. We learned that if you want to achieve any big goal, no matter what it is, you need to be FULLY committed to it – no excuses, no retreat, no surrender. Going all-in…

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