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Monday Morning Activation Season 1 Episode 3: CHANGE THE CHANNEL

Check out Monday Morning Activation Season 1 Episode 3 here. Want to stop feeling like a failure? Here’s how!  

GRATITUDE: How to Solve a Problem By Making it Irrelevant

Want to know how to solve a problem – ANY problem – quickly and easily? Last week, we talked about going ALL-IN. We learned that if you want to achieve any big goal, no matter what it is, you need to be FULLY committed to it – no excuses, no retreat, no surrender. Going all-in…

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Monday Morning Activation Season 1 Episode 2: BE GRATEFUL

Check out Monday Morning Activation Season 1 Episode 2 here. Are you grateful for the challenges in your life?

ALL-IN: How to Motivate Yourself to Achieve Anything You Want

Want to know how to motivate yourself to achieve virtually ANYTHING in your life? Right now, I’d like you to think about the dreams you have in your life that are NOT coming true. In fact, I want you to think about that ONE BIG DREAM that you’ve always had. It’s that ONE BIG THING…

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Monday Morning Activation Season 1 Episode 1: ALL-IN

Check out Monday Morning Activation Season 1 Episode 1 here. Are you ready to go ALL-IN on your dreams?

Dr Marcus Powe, RMIT’s Entrepreneur in Residence and Guest Speaker Eric Bailey

Business Plan Competition launch attracts more than 200 students

Storey Hall was brimming with enthusiasm at the launch of the RMIT 2015 Business Plan Competition, with former NBL player Eric Bailey addressing a packed crowd of student entrepreneurs. Bailey, one of the world’s foremost speakers on the subject of motivation and vision, addressed more than 200 RMIT students at the launch of the competition,…

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It’s 2015 – What Now?

Okay. So, it’s 2015. What now? Looking back over the past few years of making New Year resolutions and breaking all those promises to yourself – where are you now? What direction are you taking to achieve those goals? Are you going to just keep making the same mistakes year after year? It’s time to…

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Accelerate To Activate

On a lonely day, sitting idle; have you ever got a feeling about yourself that you can do much better, attain much more, reach new levels, achieve more goals and make something good out of your life? I bet you did! Don’t worry I will handle all of this for you, make you walk the…

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Is it time to De-Clutter?

Do you sometimes feel like you can’t get out of a rut despite how much you try? Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed and don’t know which direction to take? Or maybe you find it hard to say NO…… If any of these questions resonate a resounding ‘YES’ to you then maybe it’s time to simplify…

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‘Change’ is not a dirty word!

Do you fear change in your life?  Do you go out of your way to keep the ‘status quo’ because you are content with how things are?  If the answers to these questions are ‘Yes’ then you need to think about what you are missing out on!  You are probably missing out on opportunities that…

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