Eric Bailey is an Entrepreneur, Husband, Granddaddy, Motivational Speaker/Mentor and Author of the "Bring Your A Game" Book.

As one of the world’s most renowned motivational speakers, Eric Bailey is a dynamic personality and highly-sought-after resource in business and professional circles for Fortune 500 Company’s, small business owners, sporting associations, non-profit and community leaders, and entrepreneurs seeking to expand their mindset and life aspirations. For almost three decades Eric has studied and mastered the art of strategically unlocking the dormant potential of thousands of business minded individuals seeking better results in life, health and business. Not just Motivation but Activation. 
As of July 2019 Eric has spoken to over 4 million personal development and business enthusiasts in 13 countries around the world. Turning Dreams into Reality has been his trademark theme.

 As an International Keynote Speaker and leading authority on motivation, vision and success for audiences as large as 20,000— Eric draws on his successful careers in professional sports, executive management and sales as well as life experiences such as his difficult start growing up in South Central Los Angeles delivering powerful and inspiring keynotes that will lead you or your group in the right direction. Eric was raised on the tough streets of South Central Los Angeles. Abandoned by his biological parents at birth to only realize the doctors prognosis were a life of pain due to a knee disorder and a host of other ailments. He was bullied and lost all hope of happiness and a bright future. Eric was adopted and given an opportunity to turn his life around. His adopted parents gave him the love and support he needed to stay motivated. But he had to ACTIVATE HIMSELF!!!!

The only thing that matters is what you have in your heart and what you’re prepared to do to ignite a burning desire to succeed in life.

Eric Bailey

Despite the drug infested neighborhood, gang violence, lack of financial resources, racial tension and physical, emotional and mental pain Eric found a vehicle that could help him design a different vision and life for himself.  It was called BASKETBALL.  His story is that of courage, dedication, focus, determination, and self-belief.  From the HOOD TO THE NBL.

Eric Bailey's Goalcast Viral Sensation With Over 12 million views

Eric holds the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation, conferred by the National Speakers Association and the International Federation for Professional Speakers. The CSP label has strict standards and a rigorous five-year certification process during which speakers must demonstrate both experience and expertise. Less than 10 percent of all speakers worldwide have this certification and it represents one of the highest achievements possible for a speaking professional Eric’s successful careers in professional athletics, sales, and executive managementhave helped form his ability to transform the lives of people of all ages and varying cultures around the world. As a professional basketball player Eric’s versatility and his ability to do it all made him shine and stand out from the crowd. As a speaker, his adaptability has again helped him rise to the top. Eric’s ability to crossover and connect with audiences of all ages and backgrounds makes him the world’s most dynamic speaker. 

His inspirational stories, along with actionable takeaways, make a real difference. Eric Bailey has participated in many charitable activities and personal areas of public interest. Among them, he is the ambassador of two non-profit organizations including Adopt Change and Nourish the Children. Together with these accomplishments, Eric has been featured in the highly acclaimed World Class Magazine. He has also released his much anticipated first book – ‘Bring Your A Game’.

The main objective of the magazine is to interview and feature top achievers in all areas of life — entrepreneurs, world-class athletes, bestselling authors, top doctors, celebrity plastic surgeons and dentists, and high profile thought leaders. Eric has joined an esteemed list of high profile names such as Oprah Winfrey, Sir Richard Branson, Robert Kiyosaki, Dr. Bill Dorman — (ABC’s “Extreme Makeover”), Dr. Raj Kanodia — (World’s Leading Plastic Surgeon), John Assaraf — (featured in the movie, Secret), and Loren Ridinger — ( to be featured on the cover and also inside the magazine.

Press Releases – 23rd February, 2016

Eric Bailey, ‘switches on’ kids and corporates in time to kick-start the education and business year

Eric Bailey, motivational and activational speaker, former professional athlete and NBL legend, was so hungry to help those in need that he wrote, published and released his new book, Bring Your A Game, within less than a month – just in time for the start of the school and business year. Through his vision and undertakings as a key note speaker, Eric found that his audiences were lacking the guidance needed to move forward and empower their own lives. He seized the opportunity and began to record the story of his life in a way that could be used as a guidebook to help empower teenagers who lacked self-esteem right through to corporates who were looking for success, leadership and achievements in their own careers.

Based in Brisbane, (Australia) the former NBL player with the Hobart Devils, Melbourne Tigers and Gold Coast Rollers is a regular keynote speaker in the education and corporate sector on a global level. Eric draws on his successful career and his adversity growing up as a young, desperate man in the ‘Hood’ whom with sheer determination and mindset, has gone on to achieve incredible success. His unique and personable way of sharing his life story and lessons learned has connected with over 4 million people worldwide to date and continues to grow at a rapid rate.

Eric bailey was also interviewed on the successful male magazine website where he was awarded the man of the month.

Media & Press

Eric has been interviewed by: Entrepreneurs, World Class Magazine, 21st Century Media, ABC, Channel 10, Channel 7, SBS, Today Tonight, Insight, Fox Sports and numerous radio shows and newspapers.

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