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Who Is Eric?

For the past 30 plus years, Eric Bailey has motivated, inspired, and empowered over 4 million people in 13 countries around the world. Some of the top global companies, schools and organizations have turned to Eric for his passion, experience and knowledge. Arguably Australia’s most versatile and experienced Motivational Speakers/Trainers.

After playing professional basketball for over a decade in the NBL and SEABL leagues in Australia Eric went on to Sales, Marketing, Radio Talk Show hosting, Coaching and eventually found his true passion and purpose in professional speaking and mentoring.
When Eric Bailey’s towering 198cm frame steps onto the stage, he gives his audiences more than just a presentation; he connects with them on an intense emotional level. Clearly, he is a powerful force both physically and motivationally. Eric customizes all his presentations for the group, to whom he is speaking.

He immerses himself in his audience’s culture. A motivational speaker with a difference. Using positive energy and wit, he fills the room with an excitement that can be felt immediately and never fades during the course of a presentation. His inspirational stories, along with actionable takeaways, make a real difference. Eric has the ability to touch everyone in the room with his openness, authenticity, and passion. If you require a Keynote speaker or a emotion filled Inspirational speaker you don’t need to look any further.


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Why is Motivational Speaker, Eric Bailey CSP transforming the lives of millions of individuals around the globe?

When it comes to booking motivational talent for your next event, you have many options to choose from. In fact, you may not know exactly where to start in deciding who is best equipped to speak to your group, deliver a strong message and inspire the audience. Some speakers may be funny, others clever, a few more may bring a spiritual element and others may have the key ability to draw in the audience. What if you could find all these elements and more in one powerful speaker? The short answer is…You can! Eric Bailey is everything listed above and more. Whether the audience is filled with high school kids, college students, young professionals or senior executives, Eric has the keen ability to engage the audience while at the same time motivating them to real action in order to change their lives in a positive manner.

Why should you book Eric Bailey for your next event? Following are the top six reasons:

1. Credibility

Before Motivational Speakers became an optional extra for schools, conferences and events Eric was already inspiring and spreading the messages of hope, belief, and the “Take Massive Action” opportunity. In 1990 Eric began to develop and hone his craft after an 14 year successful career in Professional Basketball. His Motivational CSP award is a testimonial to his ability to adapt and receive high rating from his audiences. The small number of professional speakers who have earned the CSP designation speaks to the difficulty of meeting the qualifying criteria.

Certified Speaking Professional Requirements (Partial Requirements)

  • A CSP applicant must have been a financial member of PSA for a minimum of six months prior to applying.
  • The threshold revenue required for application is $80,000 in each of five of the past seven years, being a total of $400,000+
  • Presentations which are used for the purposes of seeking the CSP designation,or provided as evidence of competence in a video file, must attract a minimum speaking fee of $1000 or equivalent in presentation generated income (PGI)
  • The minimum number of presentations required to achieve the threshold is 5 in each year, over the 5 – 7 year threshold i.e. a minimum of 25 presentations in total.
  • Applications must include a full length DVD/video/ digital recording of the applicant presenting a keynote to a live, paying audience. The video must be of one of the presentations being counted in the application. This video will be subject to peer review.

2. Immediately Intriguing

Eric has the unique skill to capture the audience’s attention in the first few moments of his presentation and holds that attention for the duration of the event. This is integral to making certain that the core message really hits home for the audience. There will be no point in the presentation wherein the audience is distracted, bored or lacking in enthusiasm. Eric is always absolutely certain that participants feel that he is speaking directly to them…in their language…addressing their issues…and offering nearly customized solutions to their individual concern. Some participants quickly feel as though Eric is speaking only to them and that the balance of the audience somehow fades away in what feels like an inspiring one-on-one session designed just for them. By doing this, individuals will leave Eric Bailey’s presentations feeling as though he spoke specifically to them and will take all of his key messages to heart.

3. Adaptive to the Audience

A corporate audience is very different than those attending a high school anti-bullying event. An audience filled with out of work middle-aged folks looking for gainful employment is quite different from a room filled with recent college graduates preparing to embark on their first careers. Whatever the landscape of the audience, Eric Bailey will adjust and adapt his presentation to speak to only their needs. He will tap into their desires, their fears, their motivators and their aspirations in a successful effort to customize a presentation for that specific clientele. Eric can speak on varied topics including:
  • Youth Issues/Bullying/Resilience/Cyber Safety
  • Corporate Motivation
  • Mental Health
  • Leadership/Team Synergy
  • Domestic Violence
  • Overcoming Personal Obstacles
  • Customized Presentations

4. Call to Action

A surgeon would never do open heart surgery without the proper instruments and a mechanic would never attempt car repairs without the correct tools. When it comes to changing your life, improving your life, living your dreams and focusing on pure success in your life, Eric Bailey will provide the tools that you need. Words can sometimes be empty unless they are presented in such a way that actually provides much needed tools to make real change in your life. What sets Eric Bailey apart? His ability to provide an Activational session that is meant to compel folks to actually making significant changes to their lives. Real tools coupled with sincere motivation, confidence and encouragement means that the audience now has the ability to change the course of their lives. This is the Activational recipe!

5. Long Lasting Results

Most people walk away from a motivational session feeling inspired and ready to tackle the world. Sadly, for some folks that motivated feeling lasts only a day or so. When the motivation and enthusiasm wanes, this means that no legitimate and long lasting change will actually occur. Feeling great for a short period of time is nice, but real life change is invaluable. This is the true skill set of Eric Bailey: Long lasting results along with a motivated feeling that will truly endure. When you marry motivation with real life tools, you have the perfect formula for a life changing event. Even for those participants that feel that their future is bleak, that they have exhausted every opportunity or that they are on the brink of emotional collapse, these sessions will prove to be nothing short of a life-saver.


The Audience Speaks for Itself

This all sounds wonderful so far, but the real proof to all of this is in what the audience itself has to say about Eric Bailey. After all, they are the ones that have lived it, experienced it, and applied it to their lives. Let’s hear what they have to say

Here are a few clients we’ve worked with so far

A Few Of Our Educational Institutions Visited

Presentation Topics Corporate/Students

Keeping Your Eye On The Prize

Vision and Goal Setting

This powerfully motivational presentation will help the participants to create vision in their lives and come up with a game plan, including goal setting, to make the most of their lives. As with any significant shift in your life, it all starts with a vision. Once that vision is fully and realistically crafted, you can start on the pathway to setting goals and making positive change in your life.
Moving Forward

Letting Go Fear And The Past

What keeps many people stuck and unable to affect real change in their lives is their insistence on living in the past. This leads to visionary lethargy and an inability to get moving with your life. This presentation will not just inspire you to make positive changes in your life, but you will be given reality based tools to make this happen. In fact, Eric Bailey will teach you how to use your past to make your future amazing.
Ahead Of The Pack

Leadership Training For All Stages of Life

When you think of the people that you most admire in the world, chances are that they are all considered leaders. Even simply being the leader in your own life or your individual family can make all the difference in the world. Leadership is not an inherent skill and something that needs to be taught and honed. This presentation will give you all the keys to leadership and will train you to be the star of the show.
Activate Your Life

Activation Versus Motivation

Presentations dealing with motivation are great and leave the participants inspired and enthused about their goals. However, this presentation also includes a healthy dose of activation. This is where Eric Bailey really shines, as he gives you the tools to not just inspire but to create positive action in the lives of every participant. This program appeals to a broad range of individuals and is critical to life success.


Creating Cohesion In The Workplace

At the core of a successful business is a sense that each employee is fully a team player. When many individuals work towards one common goal, and feel valued in the process, then the business will be allowed to steadily grow. Further, the company will experience very low turnover and increased productivity. Eric Bailey can provide the company, whether large or small, with everything they need to create a real team atmosphere in their business.
*This can be customised to a 3 or 4 hour workshop.
Tick Tock, Tick Tock:

Time Management

Time management is the key to any success and Eric Bailey has a presentation that will educate you on just how to best manage your time. This presentation is perfect not just for professionals, but for students, homemakers or volunteers as well. The participants will learn about prioritization, organization and staying focused. No matter what your personal circumstance, this is a “must see” presentation for everyone. *
This can be customised to a 3 or 4 hour workshop.
Purely Professional

Being The Best At Business

What does it take to be a success in business? It is an entire compilation of focus, team building, preparation, organization, motivation and self-confidence. This all-inclusive presentation by Eric Bailey will tackle every one of those issues and provide to you the steps you must make in order to be a leader in the business world. *This can also be customised to a 3 or 4 hour workshop.

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Tania Zaetta and Eric

Eric with Danny Green

Eric with Tim Ferriss

Eric and Jamie McIntyre and Max Markson

Eric with Tyrone

RMIT Industry Engagement

Eric with Deborra-Lee Furness

Qantas Safety Week

Ian Healy

Eric with Arnold Schwarzenegger

Prime Minister John Howard

Eric with Jamie Foxx

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