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“Eric taught me about what I need to do if I really want to succeed in life. He is now one of my greatest role models. I could listen to his stories all day.” – Caelen (student)

The assignment deadlines. The school yard antics. The back-stabbing. The gossip. The cliques. The pressure to keep up. The daily grind of school life.

No question about it, it’s a hard slog being a school teacher.

But being a school student in this day and age is equally difficult. Although we see our students living in an environment of countless opportunities to learn, limitless avenues for personal growth and so many sources of inspiration to motivate them to strive for all that they dream of, they often see their school life very differently.

As a teacher, you do what you can to guide students through these often turbulent years in the hope that their school years might help shape them into the outstanding young men and women of tomorrow. Yet in spite of this, so often we wonder if anything we try to instil in our students is reaching them? Are we connecting with them? Are we doing it wrong? More often than not, the answer is as simple as somebody new setting foot in our school. Somebody who knows how to reach out, connect with and inspire our students to go all out in following their ambitions, to realise their true life potential.

Eric Bailey’s career as a professional speaker started in a classroom with a handful of students. More than 20 years later and hundreds of thousands of students, he continues to inspire, motivate and energise secondary school students throughout Australia. Eric understands the diverse challenges faced by students today. Why? Because his first-hand experiences of growing up in the tough neighborhood of South Central Los Angeles, taught him some life lessons he will never forget!

Eric’s remarkable ability to powerfully connect with students using a clever combination of story-telling and humor gives students the opportunity to reflect on how they can achieve lasting success in their lives. His 50 minute presentation encourages students to believe in themselves and focuses on helping them to make wise decisions. He covers topics including goal setting, developing a vision, the importance of leadership and developing strategies for success. He is also happy to create a presentation to suit the needs of your students.

If you believe your students need a ‘wake-up’ call, email us at for more information on booking. We look forward to visiting your school soon.

  • Eric is an inspirational speaker whose strong message regarding making a change for the better and taking advantage of opportunities has truly lifted our students.

    Sarah, Teacher
  • Eric taught me about what I need to do if I really want to succeed in life. He is now one of my greatest role models. I could listen to his stories all day.”

    Caelen, Student
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The only thing that matters is what you have in your heart and what you’re prepared to do to ignite a burning desire to succeed in life.

-- Eric Bailey --